Dave Norris is a Council Candidate

Local anti-poverty activist Dave Norris has announced that he’s running for the Democratic nomination for City Council, John Yellig reported in yesterday’s Progress. Norris announced his candidacy at R2, before dozens of supporters, promising to continue his work on behalf of the homeless, creating affordable housing, and promoting sustainable urban planning. Interestingly, only one former or current City Councilor was present at the event, Kevin Lynch, which is unusual for a candidacy announcement, at least to my recollection.

The only other candidate known to be planning to announce for the two seats up for election in May is former fire chief Julian Taliaferro. Earlier this week, Councilor Blake Caravati said he’d be stepping down, while lone Republican Rob Schilling hasn’t yet announced his intentions.

For more on Norris, see Jessica Kitchin’s piece from last week, when Norris was named as one of the Daily Progress‘ “Distinguished Dozen.” Or, of course, his campaign website.

Disclaimer: I intend to volunteer for and contribute modestly to Dave’s campaign, so anything that I write about the race should be regarded as pure propaganda, or possibly outright lies.

4 thoughts on “Dave Norris is a Council Candidate”

  1. If Dave’s great work with PACEM is any indication, City Council should get ready to get moving – the man knows how to get things done.

  2. Come on, man. Still no clue? A cornerstone of his platform is the single biggest weakness of the Cville Democratic Party– “affordable housing”, public housing, urban renewal, whatever.

    As part of his resume, Dave served as chairman of the most destructive agency in the city’s history. Although he spoke in support of Caravati’s affordable housing amendment in Nov., Blake still wasn’t at the event. By flipflopping from his position 3 years ago, Dave has already tried to make himself more palatable for the Dems, who dumped Meredith Richards, remember. Another reason for the lack of star power support is that Dave seems sincerely to want to help folks, the kind of help that actually improves the lives of people.

    A corrupt political machine hates nothing worse than a sincere idealist. I hope, in his campaign, Dave doesn’t define himself as the one who can “get things done.” Because that’s code in the community the politicians are targeting once again. Maybe Dave can unlock the code.

    “CRHA Board Chairman Dave Norris identifies modern urban renewal” May 6, 2003.

    Opposes Charlottesville’s affordable housing amendment: Letter to Va. General Assembly Jan. 5, 2006.

  3. I can’t figure out what cvillenative is saying. Clearly, he’s upset about something, but I’m not sure what. “The most destructive agency in the city’s history”? “Flipflopping”? “Corrupt political machine”? “Code in the community the politicians are targeting once again”?

    Huh? I’m not sure if I’m reading the rantings of a black-helicopters-are-following-me nut, or if there’s some real point the poster is trying to make that I’m just not getting.

    That said, Dave Norris has worked tirelessly towards building beloved community in Charlottesville and will be a welcome addition to City Council.

  4. harry, i know it’s an invisible issue to a lot of people, what exactly constitutes help and past efforts to help. i’ll probably support Dave (depending on who else runs) because he’ll bring more attention and discussion to the issue. so consider this a tentative endorsement. but i don’t think he’ll be as welcome as you think, as Waldo’s first paragraph indicates.

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