Pizza-Delivery Debate Continues

Nearly a year after the kerfuffle over pizza delivery no-fly zones first emerged, it carries on, writes Brian McKenzie in a recent Daily Progress. Papa John’s and Domino’s still restrict delivery to any neighborhood in which their drivers have been robbed, presumably because drivers won’t go there. That means Westhaven, Friendship Court, Wilton Farms, Blue Ridge Commons, and the odd fraternity can’t get a hot pie shipped to their door, and that’s got some people mad. Or, rather, couldn’t — after some safety improvements at Friendship Court, Domino’s will deliver there again. That’s not good enough for some, with Councilor Blake Caravati “on the edge of saying it’s racist,” and Eugene Williams advocating “that the city government should get involved.”

I like both Mr. Caravati and Mr. Williams, but somehow I can’t envision either of them choosing to don the uniform and deliver pizzas to these neighborhoods every night. It’s not a great job in the first place; why make danger mandatory?

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