Pizza Joints Refuse Westhaven Delivery

Both Domino’s and Papa John’s refused to deliver pizzas at an HIV testing event at Westhaven yesterday, leading to charges of socioeconomic and — enter Rick Turner — racial discrimination. Managers from both companies cited a history of crime committed against drivers in a dozen areas of town, including Westhaven, as simply making it too dangerous to deliver there. Domino’s goes so far as to compensate by offering a two-for-one for Hardy Drive residents if they pick up their pies. AIDS/HIV Services Group director Kathy Baker points out that “whether it’s intended or not, it results in socioeconomic and racial discrimination.” The always-helpful UVa Dean Rick Turner says “Charlottesville has a blatant history of racial discrimination against black citizens,” and that this “reeks of racial discrimination.” Claudia Pinto has the story in today’s Progress.

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