Unanimous Vote Against Biscuit Run

The Planning Commission unanimously rejected Biscuit Run at last night’s meeting, Charlottesville Tomorrow reports. (Local media outlets left before the meeting ended.) Of the 27 members of the public who spoke at the meeting, only four supported the enormous proposed development. Significant factors in the decision appeared to include the need for significant upgrades to the sewer line (which simply can’t handle thousands of new people), the major expansion to transportation infrastructure that would be required, and some more traditional concerns like proffers, school capacity, etc.

Now comes the fun part: the Board of Supervisors. That’s because the Planning Commission’s vote is simply a recommendation to the BoS, who can choose to accept or reject the recommendation. A unanimous recommendation is tough to ignore without looking bad, but it’s hardly unheard of. Muddying the waters, three members of the BoS are up for reelection, and no industry gives quite as generously as developers.

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