5 thoughts on “Newsplex to Leave the Ix?”

  1. That looks like it’s near where the Albemarle Place development is (was?) supposed to be going in. If so that makes this quote from the article particularly fun:

    One potential hitch of the site’s design review, Creasy said, is the stations’ satellite dishes, which may be considered obtrusive.

    I don’t think the Albemarle Place people had planned for something like that.

    In all it’s probably just time to renegotiate the current lease and Grey is going to play hardball.

  2. I’ve heard tell for almost a year now that Grey was thinking about leaving the Ix. That doesn’t mean that they’re not being tough with Gabe on their lease, just that they’ve had this on the table for a good while now.

  3. I didn’t think it was even possible to outgrow something the size of the Ix building. I mean, dude, it’s the Ix building. It’s huge.

  4. Not only is it huge, its mostly empty. Or at least, partially empty (and growing). I’m gonna have a hard time giving directions to the place without the big station signs out on Elliott.

  5. The real question is WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO BROADCAST IN HD? Law and Order on NBC in HD rocks. Looking forward to the other locals following suite.

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