Elvis Has Left the Building

Budding rocket surgeon Elvis Gene Shifflett has been captured by police after a massive manhunt yesterday afternoon. Shifflett, wanted for attempting to kill his ex-girlfriend in Court Square last week, was pulled over by police yesterday for driving with two different license plates on either end of his car. He sped off, ditched his car on route 20 just south of Piedmont Virginia Community College, and took off on foot, prompting the police to order a lock down at nearby PVCC and MHS and shut down 20 and 53. Somebody told police that they’d seen a “muddy man” walking down a creek bed, which set them on his path. Police finally found him on Brookhill Ave at 6pm and shot him repeatedly; he’s now at the UVa hospital.

The Progress has a multimedia presentation that combines Matthew Rosenberg’s photos with narration by Lt. John Teixeira.

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