Officers Exonerated

The three police officers that shot and killed a pitchfork-wielding mentally ill man have been exonerated by Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Camblos. Officer Raleigh Anderson shot and killed William Wingfield, Jr. on January 23rd after Wingfield lunged at an officer with the pitchfork. Why did the officers shoot to kill? Says Camblos, shooting solely to injure is “something out of the movies.” Today’s Progress has the story.

One thought on “Officers Exonerated”

  1. I, for one, don’t think much of Camblos’ dismissal. Perhaps the press (WVIR and the Progress) quoted him in an unfortunate manner, but I think that his attitude and brisk treatment are entirely wrong for this. After seeing his comments on TV, I got the impression that he thinks that anybody that questions these officers is a fool. I don’t know enough about the case to question the outcome, but I trust that the right decision was made. What bothers me is Camblos’ attitude that this result was obvious.


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