Totally Informal C’ville Blogger Gathering

Inspired by Charlottesville blogging alumnus David St. Lawrence’s Floyd blogger gatherings, I think some of us local bloggers, blog commenters, blog readers, and would-be bloggers should get together informal-like. A half dozen of us got together for breakfast at Bodo’s about a month ago and had a fine time. It was great to put faces with names, swap advice and get to know one another.

I figure Sunday, 2pm, C’ville Coffee on Harris Street, and we’ll hang out for an hour or so. The spot is kid friendly, has WiFi, and has a relaxed environment conducive to this sort of thing. Even if you’re not a blogger, but you’d like to be, come on down and we’ll help you get started. Maybe I’ll be sitting alone, maybe there will be a dozen of us. Drop on in and find out.

11 thoughts on “Totally Informal C’ville Blogger Gathering”

  1. I’d love to go.. but alas, I have communication apprehension and find it impossible to randomly go up and start talking to people.. so, I’d probably show up but wind up sitting in a back corner staring longingly at you fun group of fantastically brilliant people like a true blue stalker.

    Such a shame… ;)

  2. Bring a laptop. You can IM us while we sit on the other side of the room. :) Alternately, you and I can both show up 15 minutes early. Then you’re not randomly talking to people, but meeting somebody for coffee.

  3. KC – you’ve from Louisiana and you have communication apprehension? You poor thing:)

    I swear after, oysters, Abita, good fried stuff, snoballs, boiled stuff, music, well after a lot of things, I so miss the “I’ve just met you, but come on in and I’ll fix you something and we’ll hang out like we’ve known one another forever” vibe I got from everyone. Hard to believe it’ll be a year soon, eh?

    Hey – did you know there’s a Popeye’s in Culpepper? Perhaps a blog meetup there in the future. I’m just sayin.

    And very sorry to read/hear about your prof.

  4. Waldo, you may just be on.. :)

    Matt, your paragraph made me smile.. it is true, isn’t it? That culture is one of a kind.. I DID know about Popeyes! I saw it randomly on the way back from Manassas last month.

    Are you going to this meetup?

  5. KC – Yup, I’ll be there with my wife and two kids in tow. I’ll be indentified byt the 8 year old reading a book and the four year old will walking around going “What? What? What?”

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