Ruckersville Man Killed in Iraq

Twenty-two year-old Adam Fargo, of Ruckersville, was killed by an IED in Baghdad yesterday morning, Liesel Nowak reports in today’s Daily Progress. The 101st Airborne medic was with a platoon responsible for keeping the route clear of IEDs. His vehicle hit an IED, killing Fargo and seriously injuring others.

Fargo’s death is the second of local boys, the first being Bradley Arms’ 2004 death in Fallujah. The war hit home again this May, when UVa graduate Kimberly Dozier was seriously injured in an IED attack.

4 thoughts on “Ruckersville Man Killed in Iraq”

  1. Whatever one thinks of the war in Iraq, this story is awful news for those of us who share this small community. I remember what I was doing at 22, and it damn sure didn’t involve patrolling explosive-laden neighborhoods a half a world away.

    I can’t help but note how the development and high school bombing stories have generated more comments than that of the death of 22 year-old Adam Fargo in Iraq. I’m not blaming anyone – I read those first as well – but it does appear a little unseemly. A little ungrateful. I think it’s because this kind of story makes many of us uncomfortable, for we do not know what to say, but I’m willing to try. It is certainly the very least I can do.

    Here’s to Adam Fargo of Ruckersville, Va. whose life was tragically cut short in the flower of his youth. May his sacrifice be remembered and the memory of him honored by a grateful nation.

  2. The lack of comments only means people dont know what to say.
    This is a terrible loss for our community. I am so grateful to the parents of Mr. Fargo for their sacrifice, I pray for them during this difficult time.

  3. “where have all the young men gone,long time passing”?
    “where have all the young men gone, long time ago”?
    “where have all the young men gone?”
    “gone for soldiers,everyone,”
    “when will we ever learn, when will we ever learn?”

    “where have all the soldiers gone,long time passing?”
    “where have all the soldiers gone, long time ago?’
    “where have all the soldiers gone?”
    “gone to graveyards,every one”
    “when will we ever learn,when will we ever learn?”

    -In memory old of my late dear friend, Charles “Chic” Moran of the Charlottesville Friends Meeting.

    Another tragic loss. Another waste of a young life.

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