Qroe Executives Die in Plane Crash

In today’s Daily Progress, Jessica Kitchin and Bryan McKenzie write that Qroe Companies founder and president Robert Baldwin and regional director David Brown both died in yesterday’s Bundoran Farm plane crash. The NTSB investigation is underway, and it seems likely that they’ll conclude that the crash resulted from the pilot hitting power lines during landing as a result of poor visibility.

Though Qroe’s $30M purchase of Bundoran has been described as a done deal, it’s my understanding that, in fact, the transaction had not yet been completed — perhaps that was on yesterday’s agenda. With the blow that the loss of these two men must represent to Qroe, I have to wonder if the Bundoran sale may may by the wayside.

8:15pm Update: The Hook points out there ain’t no overhead lines to be hit. There goes that theory.

One thought on “Qroe Executives Die in Plane Crash”

  1. There are probably small residential power lines. Two rental houses are 1/4 mile from the air strip, as I recall it.

    The air strip is the flat area oriented NNW to SSE on the left side of this picture, with a little building alongside it:
    The rental houses are up closer to Plank Rd., due east.

    It’s kind of low, down near a creek. I don’t know if that’s ideal for landing an airplane. About here I think:

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