Officers Will Plead Guilty to Corruption

Remember those two cops caught turning a blind eye to prostitution at Maxx in exchange for cash and sex? Liesel Nowak reports for the Progress this evening that Roy Fitzgerald and Charles Saunders are going to plead guilty to plead to lying to federal agents. Presumably the overall case is still proceeding, though that’s not made clear in the article. Apparently not.

5 Responses to “Officers Will Plead Guilty to Corruption”

  • The overall case isn’t proceeding. They’ll plead guilty to lying to the feds and that’s it. They could spend five years in the can.

  • MannyOrtez. What a clever nickname, Paul Merrill, you die hard Reds Sox fan!

  • cvilleposter. What a clever nickname, Stacey Horst, you big fan of poker you!

    Do me, do me!

  • Chief Longo says this incident is not representative of the Police Department. I believe him.

    However, think about it for a moment. Include inyour thinking the “protect your brother officer” tradition.

    Now did this bribery, coverup for crime, etc , exist without several if not many other officers knowing of it and turning a blind eye?

    I wonder.

  • Hey cvilleposter, your parents must be so proud of you.

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