Plane Crash at Bundoran

A small plane crashed late this morning while attempting to land at on the strip at Fred Scott‘s Bundoran Farm, south of town near the crossroads. There was an explosion upon impact, followed by a fire. The two men in the the plane have died.

Bundoran is in the process of being sold to developers Qroe Farm — it’s yet to be seen what this crash has to do with that in-progress sale.

NBC 29 has the story, and The Hook is following developments.

3pm Update: Sean Tubbs, who’s really on his toes today, already has a podcast report from the scene.

10pm Update: The AP has more, including that the plane is owned by David Brown, of Hartford, CT. Brown was described as “regional director of Qroe Companies” by the Progress last month, so it seems clear that Qroe employees were the victims of the crash. Finally, The Hook reports that the plane hit some wires while landing, which is the apparent cause of the accident. It was pretty rainy at the time of the crash, which must have made for poor visibility.

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