Detention for Drinking?

After AHS lacrosse player Nolan Jenkins died in what appears to have been an alcohol-related car accident, some parents want to see kids punished by their schools for drinking, Sarah Berry reports in today’s Daily Progress. Student athletes are required to sign a pledge that they will abstain from drugs and alcohol throughout the season, and it’s suggested that all students should need to do so. The School Board is asking for input from the public, as well as the board’s attorney.

I think giving schools the authority to punishing kids for what they do when they’re not in school is asking for trouble. Underage drinking is already illegal, as evidenced by the tickets issued to 27 AHS and WAHS students for doing so a couple of weeks ago. If a teenager wants to consume wine with dinner under parental supervision, that’s a reasonable and responsible thing; they shouldn’t fear being suspended for doing so.

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