3 thoughts on “Great Plane Crash Discussion”

  1. Charlottesville is comprised of a truly fascinating group of people.

    What, you mean us morbid curiosity-seekers and trespassers? (Not counting Brian Wheeler, who was doing actual search-and-rescue.)

  2. Waldo, where are you??? We MISS you. Heheā€¦ hope you had a good vacation.

    Sorry about that. :) I’m working on a bloggers’ conference with The Sorensen Institute — making this happen has kept me stupid-busy, and I’ve been bad about cvillenews.com. I’ve got a browser-window full of things I need to post about — North Pointe, Chris Daughtry, the immigrant protests and the Boxer building, among other things. Let’s see if I can get off my duff and do that today. :)

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