2 thoughts on “Atkins Offered Superintendent Job”

  1. I’m certainly not surprised by the outcome. Is anyone really? Selecting a candidate who was anything other than a black female, would’ve opened up the school board up to more criticism by the local race hustlers, and by default continued the Scottie Griffin nastiness.

    At least this now allows everyone the opportunity to put all that behind, move forward and focus on what was really important to begin with- improving the quality of education for students who may otherwise be falling thru the cracks.

  2. Heh…nope. Once we had an idea of the finalists, it was a very easy call. Many people noted at the time that this would be the obvious price of ridding ourselves of Griffin, that there would be a ‘litmus test’ this time out.

    Time will tell what Ms. (?) Atkins turns out to be as a super. I would make the following observations: she appears to have good job stability; a record of very steady advancement up through the ranks; a history in a very comparable system, close enough for people inside and outside our system to check her out via informal networks; and finally, someone we are catching ‘on her way up’ – probably the only type of quality candidate we can realistically afford. I know all this is a kind of Pollyanna tea leaf reading.

    This will be Atkins’ first time in the big seat, so I’m betting (and hoping) we get a lot, lot less of the ‘my way or the high-way’ nonsense – hopefully she will genuinely take input from Thompson, Purnell and Ivory, but most importantly, from the Principals. The accepted widsom of the “community” notwithstanding, the poor performance of some students, the “GAP” and challenges to AYP are not the result of racist incompetents that can be fixed by ‘cleaning house’. There are a number of people inside the system who have a solid, nuanced understanding of the challenges, and some ideas for addressing them. The progress over the past year, in spite of Griffin, demonstrates that.

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