Lethal Wrecker Loses Suit

For years now The Hook‘s consumer columnist, Barbara Nordin, has been on Lethal Wrecker like white on rice. Time and time again she’s caught the company violating the state and local laws that regulate consumer affairs and towing practices. Anybody following the years-long Lethal saga will smile at Liesel Nowak’s story in today’s Progress that reports that Lethal has lost a lawsuit brought by one of their victims, and they now a total of $1,120 to twenty one people. It’s not enough to bring down the company, but I’d like to think of it as another nail in their coffin.

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  1. The choice of company name alone, “Lethal Wrecker” speaks volumes about how they want to portray themselves. It’s someone who wants to sound like a “badass.”

    So the negative stories about them were never surprising. When you try to set yourself up as a badass then one can only expect for people to try and knock you down, especially if you’re really violating laws.

    That said Lethal Wrecker also has the AAA contract for emergency tow truck service. In that capacity I too have had a positive experience with them. Of course I’m also extra careful about reading parking signs (and especially no parking signs) so I’m not putting myself in a position to have a negative experience with them.

  2. I’ve had only positive experiences with Lethal, but then again my experiences (like TrvlnMn) have only been AAA-related–I’ve needed my broke-a$$ car towed to the repair shop numerous times. I’ve gotten Lethal guys almost every time and they’ve been perfectly fine. Methinks things only get ugly when the towee has been towed for (real or alleged) malfeasance rather than for being broke-down.

    I have no doubt that the suit brought against them had merit. I also think, though, that when one’s primary business involves towing a person’s car and locking it behind a big tall fence and making the car’s owner give you money before he can get his car back….when that’s your business, I think you have to have a little lethal swagger to it. i have to imagine that people coming to get their car from behind that fence are in something of a foul mood…

  3. I’ve used Lethal several times (again, AAA-covered towing). I’ve always called them directly (who wants to wait the hour-plus that AAA dispatch will take?), filled out the AAA form, and had the car dropped off at the garage of my choice. I’ve always been treated well.

    I suppose two happy customers can’t negate the trend of poor service, but I’ve never had reason for complaint and have actually recommended Lethal to friends.

  4. First I’m not defending Lethal Wrecker. If they violated the law.. then they deserve to fry.

    Waldo wrote:

    Actually, people have had some pretty nasty experiences with Lethal via AAA.

    My negative experience resulted not from lethal but from the local cop who gave the tow truck driver a hard time for being on the sidewalk and facing the wrong way on the traffic lane so that he could get his tow truck jumper cables close enough to jump start my car. The tow truck was a roll back so couldn’t fit thru the normal space to get to my auto. And to top it off the local cop accused my tow driver of smelling like alcohol when the only thing he smelled like was auto grease.

    And then because I stood up to the local cop to make sure no inappropriate conculsions were jumped too (in favor of my tow truck driver). I got an extra visit the following day from that same cop- she knocked on my door and peeked thru my windows and then claimed to be looking for someone she knew didn’t live there. And in a two story building asked me if there was a third story!!

    Fortunately for me she no longer works for this police agency.

    Further Having heard from the AAA dispatcher that they were sending Lethal Wrecker. I mentioned my concerns considering the bad press, and who they were sending, and was fully expecting the shenanigans (overcharges) mentioned in the above cited hook articles.

    I’m a premium member, and intitled to 100 miles free towing.

    I was informed that if that happened I should contact AAA and report it. If they were double charging (or whatever you would like to call it) they could and should lose their AAA contract.

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