Details on One Alleged School Attacker

There are a pair of interesting articles that provide further insight into the attack alleged planned on local schools by three teenagers. The first is Carlos Santos’ interview with the 15-year-old’s father, which appeared in yesterday’s Times-Dispatch. The man expresses complete bafflement at his son’s arrest, saying that he can’t imagine what evidence that there could be against him. The second is Liesel Nowak and Kate Andrews’ discovery of the same kid’s MySpace page, in which he describes himself as “obsessed with guns” and lists his hobbies as “playing with fire and “SHOOTING!!!!” His fellow students have posted positive comments to the site in the past few days, offering their support and assurances that he did nothing wrong.

2 thoughts on “Details on One Alleged School Attacker”

  1. Since they didn’t actually do anything other than maybe plot something. Let’s just try them all in Juvenile court, and then plea out to probation and ongoing therapy until they all turn 18. Since no one was hurt it’s a fair and sensible solution, that will still allow them to have some sort of future.

    After all they are still kids and they didn’t actually kill anyone. (Of course if they had then my position would be signifigantly different).

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