New Albemarle Superintendent: Moran

The Albemarle County School Board has appointed Pamela Moran as the new superintendent, Sarah Berry reports in the Daily Progress. The search began in June, when Kevin Castner announced his resignation, ending with the selection of the twenty-year veteran of the albemarle school system. She spent a decade as the principal of Stony Point, and has been the assistant superintendent for the past few years. She’s been the acting superintendent since Castner announced his resignation. Moran is the first-ever female superintendent of the county school system.

1 Response to “New Albemarle Superintendent: Moran”

  • ducktroller says:

    They canvassed the nation and found the candidate with the most impeccable credentials right here at home! And without spending $30K+ for a search firm… (Lesson for the city: hire a chief who will hang around for a few years and do the job, then have that chief hire an assistant or two who can then step to the plate.)

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