Hosting Moved to BNSI

I’ve long hosted on an old Linux server connected to the internet via DSL. It moved with me to Blacksburg in 2003, and then back to C’ville earlier this year. When my power goes out, the site goes down. When I download something big, the site gets slow. It’s a pain, but it’s free.

No longer. has gone all professional.

Colin Learmonth, of BNSI, e-mailed me last week and offered to host the site, gratis. BNSI is where I’ve long sent my clients to have their sites hosted, so I jumped at the chance. I just now finished moving the site over, and I’ve somehow managed to avoid screwing it up. Colin didn’t ask for it, but I’ll make up a little “Hosted by BNSI” button to display on the front page somewhere, because I appreciate his generosity and, frankly, I’m proud to have a site of my own hosted by BNSI.

It’s 100% uptime and fast page loads from here on out.

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