Cari and Duane Continuing to Contribute

As I mentioned recently, I was so pleased with our recent guest bloggers that I wanted to keep it up. So I’ve invited Cari and Duane to keep contributing to In particular, I’ve asked Cari to make a point of writing about UVa, since she’s a senior, and I’m lousy about figuring out what’s going on there. Both of ’em are going to need some time to get their sea legs, so y’all be nice.

I want very much for the site to represent much more than just my take on things (hence the comments). Bringing in additional contributors is one part of expanding the influences. Another part will be more frequently referring to local blogs as a source of both fact and opinion, to encourage more people to read local blogs and more people to start blogging. We’ve got sixty-something local blogs now. I’d like that to top 100 by the end of the year.

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