No Competition for County School Board

There are three candidates running for three seats on the Albemarle County School Board. The county moved to an elected school board in 1993, and this is a first. Diantha McKeel and Pamela Moynihan are running for reelection, while Jon Stokes is running for an open seat. James Fernald has the story in today’s Daily Progress.

With Charlottesville facing the question of whether to move to an elected school board come November, it seems reasonable to ask whether this bodes well for the concept of an elected, rather than an appointed, school board. Is it possible that Albemarle is totally blissed out on the school system? There’s no change needed that warrants a changing of the guard, or even a little accountability? Or are the obstacles to running for office greater than whatever problems exist, and simply don’t merit the investment of time and money for anybody in these three districts? I’m seriously not sure if this means that the system works, or that it’s totally broken.

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