Slogan Named #2

Not ten minutes ago I was thinking that Charlottesville should really have a slogan, inspired by Richmond’s, and wondering what sort of suggestions people would have here. And then I saw that Charlottesville does have a slogan (“So Very Virginia!”), which has been named the #2 best in the nation by a new survey. Las Vegas’ (“What Happens Here, Stays Here”) was named #1, with C’ville followed by Atlantic City’s “Always Turned On,” and Cleveland’s “Cleveland Rocks!”

Clearly, the experts disagree with me, but I read “So Very Virginia!” as “If You’ve Seen Any Other Part of Virginia, This Is Basically More of the Same!”

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  • Additionally, it doesn’t seem to me that C’ville IS more of the same. (“People’s Republic of Charlottesville” ring a bell? And yet we’re a red state…) Something like “C’ville, See Beauty” would be better, if equally as dumb (sorry, whoever thought of the slogan).

  • “A little less uncultured than the rest of Virginia”

  • I got a slogan:

    Cville, we got 3 presidents, a major university, DMB and you do not!

  • Charlottesville: Where old Volvo’s come to die!

    Charlottesville: As far south as a Northern should go.
    (Florida is not the south)

  • is the url of the Charlottesville Albemarle County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

    Maybe someone had a vote somewhere that nobody knew about and voted it the official Charlottesville slogan.

  • perlogik said: “Charlottesville: As far south as a Northern should go”

    …rather… “Charlottesville: When you know you’ve driven too far south”

  • “Charlotte$$ville…the best city in America you can’t afford.”

  • “CVille where you can retire to when you are 45 years old and wealthy”


    “Come and discover Charlottesville before we put up the gates”

  • I love blanco_nino’s slogan! But I can’t resist proposing:

    “Charlottesville: Where students, tourists, and townpeople annoy each other”

  • “Charlottesville : developers paradise!”

  • “Charlottesville: Todo I dont think we’re in Virginia anymore”

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