Slogan Named #2

Not ten minutes ago I was thinking that Charlottesville should really have a slogan, inspired by Richmond’s, and wondering what sort of suggestions people would have here. And then I saw that Charlottesville does have a slogan (“So Very Virginia!”), which has been named the #2 best in the nation by a new survey. Las Vegas’ (“What Happens Here, Stays Here”) was named #1, with C’ville followed by Atlantic City’s “Always Turned On,” and Cleveland’s “Cleveland Rocks!”

Clearly, the experts disagree with me, but I read “So Very Virginia!” as “If You’ve Seen Any Other Part of Virginia, This Is Basically More of the Same!”

11 thoughts on “Slogan Named #2”

  1. Additionally, it doesn’t seem to me that C’ville IS more of the same. (“People’s Republic of Charlottesville” ring a bell? And yet we’re a red state…) Something like “C’ville, See Beauty” would be better, if equally as dumb (sorry, whoever thought of the slogan).

  2. Charlottesville: Where old Volvo’s come to die!

    Charlottesville: As far south as a Northern should go.
    (Florida is not the south)

  3. is the url of the Charlottesville Albemarle County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

    Maybe someone had a vote somewhere that nobody knew about and voted it the official Charlottesville slogan.

  4. perlogik said: “Charlottesville: As far south as a Northern should go”

    …rather… “Charlottesville: When you know you’ve driven too far south”

  5. “CVille where you can retire to when you are 45 years old and wealthy”


    “Come and discover Charlottesville before we put up the gates”

  6. I love blanco_nino’s slogan! But I can’t resist proposing:

    “Charlottesville: Where students, tourists, and townpeople annoy each other”

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