Amazing Adventures of a Nobody

Leon Logothetis is traveling from New York to Los Angeles on $5 a day. By virtue of bringing a camera crew with him, he’s not a gutterpunk but, rather, the subject of “Amazing Adventures of a Nobody.” He’s relying on the kindness of strangers to eat, find a place to stay each night, and travel west. Naturally, he’s blogging, including yesterday’s account of his stay at a UVa frat house. He got a ride here from Richmond yesterday, thanks to a crazy woman, having left New York a few days ago. After appearing on a couple of 11 o’clock news broadcasts last night, he won a train ticket to Charleston, WV by virtue virtue of winning a sprint across campus in his boxers. He leaves town this afternoon.

Liesel Nowak has the skinny in today’s Daily Progress.

2 thoughts on “Amazing Adventures of a Nobody”

  1. haha did you too get an e-mail asking you to post about it? I didn’t post about it because while I enjoy adventures, I’m sort of annoyed when people intentionally deprive themselves of food and shelter as a publicity stunt, like to see if strangers will help out, especially when there are so many people who need food and shelter for real because of Hurricane Katrina.. i feel like this makes me a no-fun liberal but i can’t help it — it bothers me.

  2. No, I didn’t get an e-mail like that, but if I did, I totally wouldn’t have posted about it.

    I feel the same way as you. Hence the gutterpunk reference. :)

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