Interview with a Displaced Hurricane Survivor

Sean Tubbs, who runs the Charlottesville Podcasting Network, interviewed Ralph Chester, a Louisiana resident who has found safe haven in Charlottesville. The interview is about 25 minutes in length. The following statement from Mr. Chester speaks volumes about the humanity of the situation:

In one of the past hurricanes that affected the area when the… Superdome was opened, as a shelter of last resort, and was populated by people that could not get at that time… there was a great deal of destruction and some of the more horrific elements of human behavior that went on this time last time, so much was the case that the powers that be in the city then said, including the people who run the Superdome said, it’ll never happen again that this will be used as a shelter. Obviously, it was used a shelter again, and had even more people, and it had more problems. But it was a necessity, it had to happen.

Sean will conduct additional interviews in the coming weeks on the Podcasting Network.

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