Much Ado About Fuel?

Photo Credit: dcwooten .
Gas prices have been making the news lately. A variety of factors may explain the rise in fuel cost, but a Department of Energy site provides some insight. One surprising result may be that taxes comprise 19% of the cost of fuel.

In the short term, Virginian’s are thinking of ways to save money on fuel in anticipation of the coming winter, especially since 1/5 of the nations natural gas refineries have been made inoperable by hurricane Katrina. Conservation efforts may be the best short term help for home fuel and seeking out the cheapest local gas may help for automobiles. Don’t forget to consider the Ride Share Program to carpool.

On a more lighthearted note, maybe we can direct our road rage into something more useful, or if we get absolutely desperate we can always count on Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez for help.

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