Blog Chronicles Starlight Trip South

The Daily Progress is hosting a blog about one Charlottesville relief group’s trip south. Lead by Starlight bus line owners David New and Oliver Kuttner, Charlottesville residents sent two buses full of supplies, and they are currently offering to relocate families to Charlottesville where housing and care will be provided by members of the community:

The group is in favor of unofficially adopting Pearlington as Charlottesville’s sister city. They said they have enough room in Charlottesville to put up those willing to relocate, as well as send down people with the appropriate skill sets to help Pearlington rebuild.

David New and Oliver Kuttner went to Gulfport to look for others willing to relocate and met one family who had been living in a double-wide trailer with 30 other people. They are interested in the offer, Kuttner said.

New said a 6-year-old girl in that family tried to give him a dollar, telling him, “I want to help too.”

The Coast Episcopal School in Long Beach, where the group has been sleeping this week, was buzzing with locals stocking up on food, medicine and other living necessities delivered by numerous relief groups from around the country.

In other news on Katrina relief, the Hook’s latest cover story is about the various projects going on on in Charlottesville.

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