HoD Candidates Hold Forum

Eight Central Virginia candidates for House of Delegates spoke at the Senior Statesmen of Virginia forum yesterday afternoon: Delegate Watkins Abbitt, Jr (I-59), Delegate Rob Bell (R-58) David Cox (D-24 challenger) Peter deFur (D-56 challenger), Steve Koleszar (D-58 challenger), Delegate Steve Landes (R-25), Tom McCrystal (R-57 candidate) and David Toscano (D-57 candidate). The only really notable bit was when the forum took a turn for the weird when Del. Abbitt said that having Del. Mitch Van Yahres moderate “was something like getting Osama bin Laden to negotiate a peace between the U.S. and Iraq.” Bob Gibson has the story in today’s Progress.

Thanks to the Charlottesville Podcasting Network, you can listen to the whole thing on-line. It can be downloaded as a 21MB MP3, or simply streamed. It’s an hour and a half long.

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