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Guest Bloggers Moving In

From tomorrow until Sunday the 11th, I will be turning the site over to a pair of guest bloggers: Cari, of Drunk on Democracy, and Duane Gran. Cari is a fourth-year at UVa and one of my favorite bloggers. Duane has been a reader and poster (username: “ragnar”) since the site’s earliest days, and is much smarter than me. I read each of their blogs daily, as I have for a long time, and I think y’all will enjoy their writing as much as I do.

I have asked them, simply, to write about Charlottesville. Outside of that, they’re welcome to ignore how I have long done things. Maybe they’ll write essays, maybe they’ll spend their time linking to Charlottesville blogs, maybe they’ll upload videos of interpretive dance about Sally Hemmings. I have no idea. And that’s what I like about it. I’ve long considered having other people contribute to the site, and made no secret that I feel the weakest part of this site is that I run it, so I look forward to the results of this experiment.

I leave for the Outer Banks on Friday. My fiancee and I will be wed there on Sunday, and spend a week vacationing. I won’t have the faintest idea of what’s going on on the internets, so y’all play nice.

Illegal Dumping in Albemarle

Yesterday and today, Annie Johnson has had a trio of articles [1,2,3] in the Daily Progress on the topic of illegal dumping.

The materials being dumped tend to be large objects that need to be taken to the Ivy Landfill. But the high costs of the tipping fees ($66/ton for construction debris; compare to an average of $40.32/ton in the rest of the state) seem to be deterring people, leaving landowners footing the cleanup bill when they discover washing machines and couches in their stream. Very rarely do people get caught, and it’s not altogether clear of what the solution is.

I’ve had a gnarly old mattress sitting in a spare bedroom for the past eight months. After all, it’s a long drive to the Ivy Landfill. If I were just a slightly less-decent individual, I can see how that mattress would be neither here nor at the landfill.

Fire Damages Badger Fire Protection Services.

Posted without comment.

C’ville Board Openings

WINA reports:

City Council is seeking applicants for appointment to one of seven boards. Those include the Planning Commission, JAUNT, JABA, the Charlottesville Industrial Development Authority, the Community Block Grant Task Force, the Personnel Appeals Board and the Social Services Advisory Board. City spokesman Maurice Jones says those interested should call Clerk of City Council Jeannie Cox at 970-3113 or send an e-mail to Applications are due by September 1st.

Become a part of the solution — apply for a board position.

WINA Announces New Sports Show

WINA has announced the creation of a new daily sports show, “The Best Seat in the House.” The 6pm-7pm talk show will be hosted by WINA sports director Jed Williams and a rotating panel of guests, with Al Groh, Dave Leitao and Howie Long already named as regulars. It starts on Monday.

There’s so little local talk radio these days, I figure any new show deserves credit.



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