6 thoughts on “Fox 27 (WAHU) On Air”

  1. I noticed last night that Jerry Springer had replaced PAX’s usual fare of Touched By An Angel and Diagnosis Murder. Rather drastic, and without warning. Didn’t I hear somewhere that they were going to air a mix of Fox and PAX programming? That would be quite a strange mix…

  2. Here’s hoping this start-up station has a better-produced news program than its counterparts at the ABC and CBS. Their ratings are terrible and what’s worse, their newscasters are all new to the news production biz.

  3. Why the hate!
    Their news isn’t that bad. matter of fact the local abc is pretty good.
    PAX is dead……….therefore not an option for a mix of programming. I know several folks working there and they said they had to scramble to find replacement programming since PAX is dead nationally. They think things will change for the fall.

  4. Sure, the local ABC is pretty good if you don’t mind their female co-anchor cracking up during a drunk driving arrest story (everybody makes mistakes, but once is enough). They’re not too bad if you muffle out the female weathercaster’s continual screaming through the forecast. However, their anchors are pleasing to the eye and deliver the news decently, but there’s a problem with a newrsoom that blatantly takes stories directly from the DP and churns them as their own.

  5. I have basic cable so I don’t have much choice of which channels I watch. In the past year or so there have been those changes of not just Fox 27 but a couple of other channels which became local before that. Sorry people, but I hardly watch them because they suck! Fox 27 especially, first it got me really mad that nobody told ME that I couldn’t watch PAX anymore, Adelphia didn’t even know about the change. Then they show some of the same shows as one of the other “new” channels, and twice recently, I was watching some show, and it was getting close to the end, the first one showed the exact same segment after the commercials as before, when I was waiting to see this other segment I heard was coming on, and the second show went to commercials and again I was waiting for an answer announced before the commercials, and what did they do?? The TV went blank after a few commercials, then it played… more commercials!!! I never got to see the end of the show. Not very professional, people.

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