Fox to Replace PAX

Remember November’s news that a Fox affiliate would be coming to town? It’s happening. Gray Television — who opened the ABC and CBS affiliates here last year — has bought local PAX affiliate WADA (ending a five-year marathon of Touched By an Angel and Diagnosis: Murder), and will turn it into Fox affiliate WAHU. Gray is shooting to be on air in April or May, but it could be later. Lisa Provence has the story in this week’s Hook.

4 thoughts on “Fox to Replace PAX”

  1. this is making me mad. Last year, I got a HDTV DLP 50" tv from Best Buy. So I had to get a Direct TV to get any HD programming. Fine, but I can’t ABC or CBS because of the new stations here. Now, I will not be able to get Fox in HD once that station comes out.


  2. Patience – unless the FCC changes their mind, local stations have to be broadcasting in digital by sometime in 2006. (contrary to popular perception, there’ s no HDTV requirement, only digital).

    Unfortunately, the FCC under Michael Powell has been about as business-friendly as any governmental agency could possibly be, and they may extend the deadline to 2009 because so many local stations have been dragging their feet and spending money on campaign contributions instead of equipment upgrades. Powell’s departure may change things, but that’s doubtful.

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