Pen Park Lighting Up Town

Anybody that’s driven at night on Stony Point Road, just outside of town, knows that Pen Park has been lit up like a 60,000 watt Christmas tree since a few months ago. That’s because city officials installed forty 1,500 watt floodlights atop fifty-foot poles to light up the tennis courts at night back in August. The lights have no shielding, nor are they directed only at the tennis courts, making it possible to read a newspaper on a moonless night a half mile away, out in Albemarle County. The director of Parks and Recreation, in response to complaints, intends to install shielding on the lights, but it’s in no way clear that it’s going to make much of a difference. Courteney Stuart has the story in this week’s Hook.

4 thoughts on “Pen Park Lighting Up Town”

  1. Let me get this straight: These lights were erected by the City, and no one had to get any kind of building permit to make sure everything was in compliance with City ordinances?

    When the City screws up and breaks its own ordinance, what recourse do citizens (victims of light trespass) have? (Apart from shooting out the light bulbs…) I wouldn’t be surprised if the City were sued over this.

  2. I suspect the City watchdogs are all out harrassing the woman with the razor wire and have no time for lights.

    BTW I wonder how that is coming along? Have they hounded that poor woman from town yet? Maybe the "California Woman" did her in.

    I have heard nothing from the City about the new Razor Wire ordinance ,which was supposed to set all aright, after a judge said the old one held no water, or wire either, as far as that goes.How long does it take to write an ordinance, a good one that is?

    Of course if the Razor Wire Ordinance is as effective as the light ordinance, why bother?

  3. The "razor wire lady" is not hounded out of town. She looked cheery the last time I saw her gathering in her newspaper.

  4. The sign that was featured in The Hook has already been torn down by the city.

    Well I guess the park is now open 24/7.

    It was much cheaper to tear down the sign then fix the lights.

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