Charlottesville to get Fox Afflliate

22blitz writes: This is not a dupicate story. Gray Television, who owns WCAV CBS19 and WVAW, will bring a Fox station to the area. Gray will be taking over WADA, the PAX station here in Charlottesville. I found this out by visiting

I’m sure we’ll all somehow make do without a local PAX affiliate. Note that both WADA and WVAW are low-power stations, so they’re under the FCC’s radar, which is how Gray is even allowed to have so many stations in one place. If I may return to the theme of the Great Hook/C-Ville Wars of 2002, is there room enough in this market for four local TV stations and news broadcasts?

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  1. NBC only broadcast in HDTV and Adelphia doesn’t offer it in this area. You know they offer it in FREAKIN STAUNTON!!!!

    screw them all

  2. No joke. This is actually _bad_ news for me when it comes to HD, because I will be getting Fox HD from DirecTV since there is no Fox affiliate in the area.

  3. I don’t understand this. Why is Gray doing this? Two of their three C’ville stations being low-power means that they’re only going for Charlottesville and Albemarle — it’s not like they’re trying to reach new markets. Both competing in a very small market, all three owned by the same company.

    Are they trying to drive WVIR out of business? Perhaps they’re aware of some financial weakness on the part of WVIR, and figure that they have the capital to outlast them?

  4. i can’t get the DirectTV where I am at. It isn’t allow in the townhome division.

    Don’t believe it for a second. This is a common misconception. FCC and Court rulings in recent years have severely limited the ability of homeowner associations and their restrictive covenants to dictate satellite dishes. Unless you’re in a condo, you should be able to have a dish. Here’s a link.

  5. Hopefully, before long Adelphia will be purchased by a real cable provider and we’ll get customer service (an unknown feature to Adelphia), HDTV, and decent signal strength in the county (it’s PATHETIC now).

  6. thanks Big Al, but :( checking with the landlord of my townhome, he won’t allow anything install on the house. I just assue since there was no dish on any of the others it was a no no by the homeowner assication.

    Well time to save up for a house, maybe I can actually buy one in here in the area after I win the lottery.

  7. Another option might be to put a pole in the ground and mount it to the pole. As long as you can "see" the satellite from there, it may not need to be attached to the house.

    Good luck!

  8. I dunno Waldo. What I do know is when step one makes little sense look out for step two :)

  9. Anything other than WVIR is welcomed! I have never seen or heard such inept reporters who constantly repeat the "news" day after day after day!

    Even watching the news from the group in Harrisonburg was better than WVIR. Why is it, every other week brings "new" "reporters", all beginning their first job? As soon as they get any experience, (at least 1 or 2 weeks) poof! They’re gone and it starts all over again. I watch Richmond or Fox in DC if I really want news!

  10. Now if somebody would just launch a daily newspaper to compete with the Daily Lack-O-Progress….

  11. Cornwell’s got to go. She can’t make a statement without stuttering. When the hell is Cupp leaving?

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