Ugly Building to Go Downtown

BoTalks writes: Did anyone see the Daily Progress article on the exceptionally ugly building that apparently will be built on 10th St NW? (See “Center’s Look New for City“). The web article doesn’t have a picture of the building, but it is butt ugly! It looks like some kind of bank building built on U.S. 1 in Fort Lauderdale back in the ’80s. The developer is calling it a “little taste of Florida”. Apparently it was allowed by right, meaning the city didn’t have any leverage on the design. I’m all for increasing density in the city, but isn’t there any standard to which we can hold bad architecture accountable?

6 thoughts on “Ugly Building to Go Downtown”

  1. oh man, I love the Lewis and Clark building. That should take the prize of the butt ugly. Oh well.

  2. Just another step towards the end of Cville as we know it… I say go for it…. maybe the increased traffic will finally convince the city that there is a traffic problem that needs to be solved.

  3. I have no doubt that the view that the city should expand their control over the appearances of buildings will be shared by many, including those with the actual power to do it. It wouldn’t surprise me if the construction of this building, just outside of a design control district, prompts the city council take control (through the BAR) over the appearance of every single structure in Charlottesville.

  4. I was upset about this as well. Is this a done deal or are there any options for us to mobilize recommendations for a larger taste of Virginian architecture?

  5. not really. c’ville as we know it = city council making stupid decisions. it’s business as usual if you ask me.

  6. Is there a picture or rendering somewhere to see what you are talking about?

    You say it is ugly but that may be soley in the eyes of the beholder. If you can’t show us what it looks like your words have very little meaning.

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