Local Results of Federal Election

President George Bush has eked out a 51/48 victory over Senator John Kerry nationally, while Rep. Virgil Goode trounced challenger Al Weed, of Nelson County, in Virginia’s 5th District. Locally, however, the results weren’t always so strong. In Albemarle, Kerry beat Bush with 50.5% of the vote, and predictably dominated in Charlottesville with 71.66% (not including the to-be-counted absentee ballots). Weed didn’t fare so well. In Albemarle, he lost to Goode with 49.7%, and while the Charlottesville results aren’t yet being reported to the State Board of Elections, oddly, but Bob Gibson reports that he won the city by 5,638 votes. Charlottesville was the only district won by Weed, including his home of Nelson County. That leaves Weed with a hair over 36% of the vote, a little less than former Charlottesville City Councilor Meredith Richards got two years ago.

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