Local Results of Federal Election

President George Bush has eked out a 51/48 victory over Senator John Kerry nationally, while Rep. Virgil Goode trounced challenger Al Weed, of Nelson County, in Virginia’s 5th District. Locally, however, the results weren’t always so strong. In Albemarle, Kerry beat Bush with 50.5% of the vote, and predictably dominated in Charlottesville with 71.66% (not including the to-be-counted absentee ballots). Weed didn’t fare so well. In Albemarle, he lost to Goode with 49.7%, and while the Charlottesville results aren’t yet being reported to the State Board of Elections, oddly, but Bob Gibson reports that he won the city by 5,638 votes. Charlottesville was the only district won by Weed, including his home of Nelson County. That leaves Weed with a hair over 36% of the vote, a little less than former Charlottesville City Councilor Meredith Richards got two years ago.

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  1. The Charlottesville City Council has pass a resolution that says that they will not recoginaze George W. Bush as the President of the US. One councilor says " President Bush did not win the popular vote in Charlottesville and we feel we must be true to the people living here"

  2. "President George Bush has eked out a 51/48 ………."

    "eked" is rather an odd verb to describe a three million vote margin.

    Compare with " In Albemarle, Kerry beat Bush with 50.5% of the vote,……………."

    I think your "ekes" and " beats" require edit, Waldo.

    Seriously, now, in my opinion the disturbing news in your post is the Democratic encroachment upon Republican Albemarle territory!

    I love politics – the only game in which the fans get to play – God Bless America. What a country!

  3. I think your “ekes” and ” beats” require edit, Waldo.

    Nah, that’s what your commenting is for. :) I never claimed to be fair and balanced — it’s my blog, after all. :) Besides, I’m bitter and pissed. The fact that I didn’t write that Bush eats babies demonstrates what I consider to be an admirable amount of restraint on my part. ;)

    Now it’s time for me to drown my sorrows in a chocolate milkshake and The Daily Show.

  4. I heard that while Kerry was giving his concession speech, Cheney’s daughter along with Rosie O’Donnell and Ellen Degenerate were waiting out back for him to leave!

    Did anyone notice how quiet things were on the Downtown Mall yesterday? Were the liberals at home curled up in the fetal position licking their wounds or what??

    Ok, no more jokes. I promise.

  5. joke! the city council has this record of passing resolution which has no bearing on the local scene. Yet they feel like they can sleep better if they put their two cents on a federal level.

  6. No liberal with any instinct for self-preservation would ever be dumb enough to curl up in any position where they might be mistaken for a fetus.

  7. go ahead, laugh you morons. CAD is over 5% and Bush will sink us all. I know you people will be the 1st to panic with the shit hits the fan

  8. In my own personal view I think the election came down to three things: fear of terrorism eventhough the places most likely to be hit by a terror attack voted overwhelmingly for kerry (DC 89% new york city 85%), bigotry/fear of gays which evenr you prefer, and people’s fear of liberalism eventhough most cant define it if you asked them.

    Although I dont agree with the half of the American electorate I must learn to accept this decision. I allowed this election and the results to stress me out to the point where I had to be treated for an anxiety attack… Its dramatic I know but I have come to terms with it all because of what my dad told me in the ER… you can take these things personal. everyone has their own ideas of the way things should be and aparently they half of the american electorate did not agree with me.

    So now that the election is over its time for us to stop this foolish name calling "stupid republicans" "….liberals" whatever… We need to be united again. Take off your kerry edwards and bush cheney stickers and replace them with america stickers. The divide needs to end so long as Bush trys to reach out to all as he has promised… then again he also said "i have gained political capital and i intend to spend it"…. Whatever give him a chance to be moderate…. If things go well for ALL under Bush for the most part then I think you Bush supporters in advance… if things are worse then they were before and this country sinks into a whole worse than the hell Republicans think of when they speak of gays then it is you I will blame….. America has spoken unless people agree to the "US of Canada" and "Jesusland" proposal LOL-hilarious… then we must learn to live together red states blue states, dems and repubs.. liberals and conservatives… we all have something to offer this country and our ideolgies have led to great things… Despite the obvious lack of checks and balances that are now in place America is not America without one party or the other….

  9. I told you in another thread you are a republican at heart. You just made your first step toward that affirmation. Give it a little time, and that elephant-head and tusks will grow nicely…

    I, for one, will stick with the donkeys, however pathetic they are.

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