Light Posting on Exam Week

In the next week I’ll be taking my final exams, which are the only thing standing between me and my degree from Virginia Tech. Studying and writing has kept me busy for the past week, but I plan a more hermit-like existence in the coming week. Posting will be accordingly light.

5 thoughts on “Light Posting on Exam Week”

  1. Does this mean, once you graduate, will be a thing of the past?

    Say it isn’t so, but congrats

  2. Congrat.s on finishing up your senior year(or 4th year as we call it at the University ;-) ) Good luck on exams!

  3. is just the first step in Waldo’s multi-pronged platform designed to lead to total world domination. he’s not going to let it die just b/c he gets his degree. unless he’s so bitten by the hotel-and-restaurant management bug that he forgets all about politics and law and civic duty…

  4. My weinerdog domination plan isn’t even planning out. (“Annie, sit. Annie. Please sit. Annie. Annie! Come back. […] Annie?”)

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