Two Plead Guilty in C’ville Police Corruption Case

The two guys accused of bribing a pair of Charlottesville police officers with cash and sex have pleaded guilty to federal corruption charges, reports Reed Williams in the Progress. The really amazing bit is this:

According to [U.S. Attorney Thomas J.] Bondurant, [police officer Charles] Saunders once drove to [Jason] Madison’s house in a police wagon while in uniform and had sex with a blindfolded, underage girl.

It’s one thing to watch strippers while on duty and in uniform. It’s another altogether to pay to have sex with a blindfolded minor while on duty and in uniform.

2 thoughts on “Two Plead Guilty in C’ville Police Corruption Case”

  1. I don`t have the Progress handy but I remember a paragraph which said, in effect, the officers intervened, with other officers, six times, to prevent filing of charges. I think it specified six, but not positive.

    I expect Chief Longo is taking care of that aspect as far as discipline is concerned but I am am curious as to the mechanics of the intervention.

  2. Hmm… Having Sex with a blindfolded minor sounds like it should be an entirely additional criminal charge in and of itself… possibly several.

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