57th HoD Race Becomes an Actual Race

After nearly a month of David Toscano being the only candidate in the 57th District House of Delegates race, things are heating up. On Monday afternoon, UVa professor Richard Collins announced his candidacy, as Liesel Nowack reports in the Progress. To a crowd of about 50 people on the Downtown Mall, Collins announced his plan to eliminate the “growth tax” — the much-hated biannual reassessment of property values — and reassess only when property is sold. Collins is one of the founders of Advocates for a Sustainable Albemarle Population, and is perhaps best known for his opposition to continued unrestrained growth in the county.

On the presumed opposite end of the growth spectrum is Clement “Kim” Tingley, a developer who intends to announce his candidacy at 10am on Wednesday morning, WINA reports. Tingley has been talking about running for several weeks now, so his candidacy has been expected.

With all three men now vying for the Democratic nomination, things should be quite a bit more interesting on the political scene between now and the June 14 primary. A Republican candidate is yet to emerge.

Disclosure: I have informally advised Collins on a volunteer basis, and I introduced him when he announced his candidacy. Also, my fiancee is on his campaign payroll. So you can basically assume that I’m making most of this stuff up.

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