Three Less Potential House Candidates

Three of the people considering a run for the Democratic nomination for Mitch Van Yahres’ seat have announced that they won’t be doing so, after all. Former Vice Mayor Meredith Richards, former Albemarle Democratic Chairman Will Harvey, and former nothing-in-particular Me have all said that we ain’t running. That leaves UVa professors Jeff Rossman and Peter Sheras, plus a new fella, Clement “Kim” Tingley — he’s a developer who just moved to town. David Toscano is the only candidate thus far. On the Republican side, tech firm owner Tom McCrystal and day care center owner Sharon Jones are considering runs. Bob Gibson has the story in today’s Progress.

One thought on “Three Less Potential House Candidates”

  1. The Progress story is entitled “3 Democrats drop out of House race.” But is it possible to drop out of a race without having actually entered it? Or is the mere public consideration of running equivalent to actually doing so, at least to the public’s estimation?

    My reaction was one of assuming this to be an editor’s error, but I figure there’s a decent chance that I’m just wrong. :)

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