Zoning Board Rules for Planned Parenthood

This afternoon, the Albemarle Board of Zoning Appeals held the long-discussed public hearing about revoking Planned Parenthood‘s occupancy permit for their new office on Hydraulic Road and, in a 3-1-1 ruling (one abstaining), they ruled against the appellant, Renae Townsend. The debate was over whether the R-10 zoning permitted Planned Parenthood to perform medical services there — the majority held that they qualified as a professional office (in the manner of a physician or dentist), and not as a medical center (such as a hospital), while the minority disagreed. The 1pm meeting ran for over 4 hours, with testimony coming from dozens in the overflowing auditorium. Hundreds of people filled the room, the lobby, and even the steps of the building, with pro-choice members (identified by Planned Parenthood stickers) far, far outnumbering those opposed to the organization. There is still the matter of the lawsuit brought against the county by six residents of the nearby Garden Court, who allege that permitting Planned Parenthood to locate there amounts to an unlawful taking of their property rights, through devaluation of their property. The case isn’t likely to go very far.

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  1. No need for them to fret W is in office for another 4 years im sure he and his supreme court appointees will take care of this abortion clinic…. Roe V. Wade will probably be overturned within the next 4 years… im willing to bet on it we can do it greene… oh no wait the machines were switching votes around up there hmmm makes you think doesnt it…..

  2. “W is in office for another 4 years im sure he and his supreme court appointees will take care of this abortion clinic…. Roe V. Wade will probably be overturned within the next 4 years.”

    Oh man, I sure hope so. Thanks for giving me something to smile about this morning. :)

  3. We showed up in spades, keeping up with the overall increase in turnout. I’d personally hoped for more, but we still showed.

  4. Oh no you dont…. You are not going to blame your vote of support on us! You voted for W so now you have to live with it… Like Waldo said our numbers did increase not dramatically but about the same as the rest of the population…. A huge part of the youth turn out not being higher has to do with absentee ballotts I can think of three friends off the top of my head who didnt get one and were told constantly by the election officials that "they are in the mail" just like the 50,000 young students in Florida…. So just because you voted for W doesnt make it our fault because we didnt make a mission out of coming out to cancel out your ignorance. I cant believe you have this much lack of faith in this man… after all you W supporters just made him the most powerful president since FDR…. now try to go to sleep tonight without having nightmares knowing that….

  5. yea, over the last week all i have been seeing is how people blamed the ‘redneck’ vote for helping W win. Cause in point, take a look at the current CVille. All the cartoons show an inbred redneck voting for Bush. I guess it is okay to label people then.

    hell all of the poor white trash people I knew voted for Kerry. Poor are they piss that everyone thinks they voted for Bush. Where is the ACLU when you need them?

  6. That is messed up I know…. Charlottesville, as you know, is extremely out of whack with the rest of the South. You know so many things are poping up about these voting machines it wouldnt suprise me if something strange is going on being that the exit polls had kerry up so high and then losingby 5% in Florida, did you see the long lines… According to the CNN map they want us to believe that South Florida (Miami Dade) was only slightly more democratic…Then there is the machine in Ohio that gave Bush 4,000 more votes, even here the machine in Greene that switched votes around. There is one type of machine in particular that once you get to 32,ooo it starts going backwards… A lot of strange similar stories and now the judiciary commitee wants an investigation. Some are refering to this as "votergate" the watergate of the 21st century.


  7. there you go, backpedalling again. before the election, you were all over this board talking about how the young voters were going to go out there and decide the fate of america. you talked about record voter registration in florida and ohio, and how all those new voters were young democrats. now you’re back whining about all us "rednecks" who voted for bush, and how you’re so much smarter and more informed than the "rest of us".

    and for the record, i’m not blaming my vote of support on you. that statement makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. what i was saying was, instead of blaming us dumb rednecks for voting for W (and btw…i DIDN’T vote for W, so n’yah!), you should be blaming the kids who should’ve shown up on election day but didn’t.

  8. tell you what, you keep an eye on that, and let me know if they find 3.5 million more votes for kerry hidden in a broken ohio voting machine, k?

  9. I DO NOT BLAME THE PEOPLE WHO DIDNT VOTE I BLAME THOSE WHO DID!… they made the decesion… they decided that gays getting married is more imporatant than other things…. now this idiot is privatizing social security… this C- student is about to make an expensive decision on economics this is going to cost about Billions and some estimate Trillions to do…. Its amazing to me how much people in the South call the north immoral and they based their votes on morality… take a look at the the stats. Massachucets the liberal and gay mecca of the US has the LOWEST divorce rate in the entire country… as a matter of fact the top ten states witht eh lowest divorce rate happen to be BLUE STATE AMERICA! I am a christian and im deeply disturbed by this new trend in the south of christians condeming everyone to hell who doesnt believe what we do instead of trying to show them a new life… if they dont want it its not their place to force it on them… FREE WILL….

    Another issue was taxes turns out blue states recieve far less then what they pay compared to the southern red states where to pay less and get more funding in comparison…so the states who dont mind taxes,blue states, are the ones paying for the crap of the people who do mind taxes and are paying less anyway!!

    Someone remind me why we wanted these people to remain part of the union? They call us traitors yet they started a whole damn war that cost 500,000 AMERICAN lives all b.c they were too lazy to do their own work and b.c they wanted to beat on blacks… these are the same people who sprayed young children with water hoses and drove down a street with a gay man once and a black man the other time tied to the back of their pick up trucks… these are teh people preaching morality???? GIVE ME A BREAK!

    Your little smart alic comment about them finding 3.5 million votes to give J Kerry the presidency for one that number is decling by the day because they are still counting provisional and absentees… now i know W is in there for 4 years whatever i have to deal with that but i dont have to deal with ur one day analysis of the sats… I never said that these screw up in vote technology cost kerry the election im just saying it leaves much to the imagination…. Im starting to wonder why did the republicans shoot down an effort by democrats to have paper trails with voter machines? Why were the exit polls so far off? How do we know that these so called isolated events of glitches werent more widespread? Im not going to lie i dont trust the republicans these are the same ones that took the election in 2000 by generic means but I think they may have gotten smarter this time…..

    You probably did vote for W or you didnt vote at all and support W…. Either way W is now the most powerful president sicne FDR hes gets to do WHATEVER he wants with his majorities in the house and senate! Im happy tho if the country sinks and falls we point the finger at no1 but the people who voted for him… If they draft start in the precious red states since they support the war so damn much…

    I dont know what has happened… People hate liberals because they are smart and they arent ashamed of it but thats agorance… I saw some idiot on tv talking about this very thing saying he didnt support Bushs policies but he was tired of the liberal elite calling him names…. awww how sad….

    Another issue this year TERRORISM… now why does joe smoe the hick in alabama or lynchburg, va have to worry about terrorism? The people actually hit with an attack or likely to be hit by another VOTED FOR KERRY

    New York City 85% Washington DC 90%… But i guess the red states are the only ones that TRULY understand the threat of terrorism….

    No wonder the administration doesnt want to fund the no child left behind because by god that might mean people would be more educated and wouldnt fall for stunts and punch lines and we wouldnt want that now would we….

    Im liberal and proud! I dont agree with abortion, im a christian, and unfortunatly for now i live in the south, but I would never, NEVER, call myself a republican… they dont care about the average person, their economies work for the people who already have money, they claim to be campasionate and religous all while giving people lethal injections, cutting funding from head start, calling the poor lazy and stupid, and calling liberals stupid and immoral… oh im sorry i got that wrong they refer to us as damn elite liberals with their stupid knowledge…..whatever Bush is in office for 4 more years I have to live with that but if he screws us AGAIN then god save us…

  10. Sorry, but once the provisional ballots are counted, Kerry is only at a deficit of about 40K in Ohio, and thus, a 40K deficit to win the election. That’s a scary margin of victory if you’re worried about the voting machines.

    Though, tempting as it is to latch on to the hope that the gap will close in Ohio, I am resigned to the fact that Bush will be president 4 more years.

  11. so what you are saying is that we need a test for voters just so we can weed out dumb hicks and smart liberals. Or maybe we can have a wieght scale, so if you are educated and well inform who watches CNN then your vote counts as 3. If you are a inbred Fox News watcher then your vote counts as just one. God forbids, we must count every vote ONLY if they are smart and educated.

  12. did W win the election b/c of voter fraud?


    can you prove it?


    must be a republican conspiracy.

    did saddam have weapons of mass destruction?


    can you prove it?


    you must be a republican idiot.

  13. If I said or insuating that I apoligize…. I do feel however that as American voters we need to be informed… 75% of the Bush voters believed 2 days prior to the election that we had found WMDs in Iraq the same amount of people believed that we found a definitive link between Al Queda and Saddam… BOTH UNTRUE… As far as the vote counting not as much actually if you are a new yorker your vote doesnt count as much as a person from oaklahoma because of the unjust electoral college…. As a Virginian democrat my vote doesnt count… so as you can see we already have an undemocratic system… and it discourages people from voting. A republicans vote doesnt count north of the mason dixon line a democrats doesnt count sout of it and basically to the nevada/california boarder….

  14. There is indeed a correlation. It’s not straight through, of course, but there is a lot to be said about this subject. The idea here: when the South and its whole gentry culture virtually disappeared after the American Civil War, a cultural wasteland and just plain land was defacto occupied by lowbeam southerners, northern outcasts, deserters and other land squatters. This is one of the reasons you will find, all along the Appalachians, such a strong hold of what was termed ‘rednecks’ with the hunt off the land (any land!) lifestyles… The only tradition that was transmitted through the generations of these folks were survival techniques and, unfortunately, inbreeding. Etc.

    Proof: The term ‘gentrification’ is perceived as a bad thing in the south, especially amonst some cvillenews.com posters such as BetterLiff, WhiteNino…

  15. Double standard obviously you didnt read through my whole statement… I said nothing about it definatly being voter fraud all im saying is that a lot of weird things happened with voting machines and its not just my idea theres a whole congressonal investigation of it…. so its not just some liberal nut case conspiracy idea… You cant compare this issue to WMDs because of one fact ITS A FACT that WMDs dont exist an investigation done by bush’s own man showed there are none… what investigation shows that vote irregularities didnt happen for A FACT? NONE actually there are plenty of things to the contrary… the machine in Ohio giving bush 4,000 extra, the machine in california that had a glitch and shut down and didnt record lots of votes, the machine system in south florida that once it gets to 32,000 it starts counting down, the striking fact that with this particular machine there is a dramatic drop off in democratic votes when compared to the registrations and statistics of the area, the machine in GREENE COUNTY VA that switched votes around on the off track betting, the numerous reports coming out of ohio of people who said they voted for kerry but a confirmation screen showed up saying they voted for bush, the fact that in ohio and florida the amount of votes counted was higher than the actual amount of people who voted… funny how all these things happened in the swing states… Like I said this isnt just some liberal conspiracy going on around the web there is a calling for a federal investigation of the incident… Now bush won by whatever means he did I have to deal with that but these machines MUST be fixed by 2006 for the congressional elections and certainly by 2008 with the presidential election.. I hate to suggest conspiracies but one thing keeps sticking out in my mind why did the republicans oppose a paper trail from the machines??? Answer that before you respond to anything else… if you can come up with a logical explanation other than just because or you "phsyco liberal" then I will put it to rest….


  16. well maybe those 75% of people thought those weapons that got lost and found were WMD’s. Hell the first time I heard that which was ironically on CNN (i had to be force to watch that since my gym won’t change it). Kerry blamed Bush of coarse in losing that. Maybe the uninformed inbred voters thought that was weapons of MD. Who knows?

    Secondly when I am watching the news, they found the slaughterhouse of hostages just yesterday. Home to the Al Queda but wait I forgot even if it was in Iraq there is still no connection between them and Saddam. You know Saddam was a misunderstood tyrant. Silly us.

  17. CL2595 said: " Im happy tho if the country sinks and falls we point the finger at no1 "

    When people sink this low it isn`t politcs, it is a tragedy.

    To think I fought in two wars in defense of a person who thinks as the above remark indicates . It ruined my veteran`s day when I read the above.

  18. Maybe just maybe if you read the entire statement in context your day wouldnt be so bad…. What is it with you guys and taking words out of context???

    CL2595 said: " Im happy tho if the country sinks and falls we point the finger at no1 " BUT THE PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR HIM

    put all my damn words down if you are going to quote me…. Let me re-write it as I said and break it down a to a more simpler form…. im happy thou IF (notice IF not indicating that I would be happy if the country sinks and falls IF) we get to point the finger at no1 but the people who voted for him (meaning if things get screwed up we get to blame you all notice I didnt say ill be happy about the country sinking and falling ill be happy because I dont have to live with knowing I voted for the cause of it)

    CONTEXT put words in CONTEXT

  19. What is a tragedy is:

    * the complete downfall of all civility is just a symptom, it’ s not the cause. this is so incredibly evident, yet few people are willing to open their eyes and their brains and see it. face it, no one gives a shit. that is WHY Bush was reelected. ASK NOT WHAT AMERICA CAN DO FOR YOU, BUT ASK RATHER WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOURSELF (that’s not a typo)

    * thousands upon thousands of people are dying right now because of a civilisation gone insane

    * etc. etc. etc. bla bla bla it’s all been said but not one understands

    * yeah, the only way we’re getting out from this shit hole we’ve sunk into is to allow it to overflow and let the world bulldoze us. Hey, that’s the REAL American way: RAZE AND REBUILD, any damn financial strategist can tell you that. We’re past our prime, get over it.

  20. "yeah, the only way we’re getting out from this shit hole we’ve sunk into is to allow it to overflow and let the world bulldoze us. Hey, that’s the REAL American way: RAZE AND REBUILD, any damn financial strategist can tell you that. We’re past our prime, get over it."

    you know thats interesting… A guy in high school brought up that in class one time and was basically verbally stoned for it… He was saying how no country has lasted more than some hundred amount of years before falling apart… Afterwards everyone went crazy… NOO thats not true! the US will live on in its present form forever!…. Sad really how reluctant people are of change… Brings me back to liberalism… it was a liberal decision to free the slaves, it was a liberal decision to give women the right to vote, it was a liberal decision to break away from the english rule, it was liberal philosphy on which the constitution was written… Locke in case you didnt know who I was refering to..Im trying to be fair and balance here but i cant think of a conservative decesion that lead to any positivity when I try i think of plessy v. furgeson, reinstatement of the death penalty, stopping the recount of votes in florida when Gore won according to all studies since, more conservative decisions to come that may be good for some roe v. wade, end of affirmative action, a health official who opposed giving woman unmarried woman birth control, elimination of the term hate crime, allowing every tom dick and harry to have a gun because people dont read the first half of the 2nd Amendment…. sounds great

  21. TRUE critical thinking – the one that’s not sanctioned by the hysterical and sheepish masses – is verbotten in U.S.A. circa 2004 Heaven forbid you should hail from a ‘forner orjin’ or speak well and clearly. That’s a BIG mistake, they say. They ask: why could Kerry not ‘connect’ with the average joe? Because the average joe is S.T.U.P.I.D., stupid.

    There was a time, not too long ago, when Americans would seek out ELEVATED QUALITIES WITHIN their leaders, such as intelligence, education, world-knowledge, insight ABOVE familiarity. But noooooooo! Now, you need to be just like joe stupid to be elected by joe stupid. Everyone wants to be a star, but no one wants to make an effort to be an actual star to light the way for others. In fact, it’s the Oprah syndrome: love me for who I am, not matter how STUPID I am. No matter how little effort I will make to better myself or my community, I am entitled to all the shit of modern life: Walmart, hhhhhheeeeeeeerrrrrrreeeeee IIIIIII coooooommmmmmme!!!!!!!

  22. It is a mistake for me to respond but against my better judgement here goes:

    No, I did not take your words out of context. Parse and you will understand.

    It was sarcasm when I said you ruined my day. Perhaps it wasn`t blatant enough. For me to think you could have such an impact on my well being would be an embarrassment.

    If the goal of each of two parties with disparate views, is to bring the opponent to some degree of agreement by logical argument , I fail to see the value in your habit of employing insults and outlandish statements to accomplish that goal.

    You may or may not have some good things to say but when your posts are insulting and devoid of pure lines of thought then the conclusion must be your interest lies in rabble rousing as opposed to a coherent discussion of viewpoints based upon fact.

  23. all but two of the current supreme court justices were appointed by republican presidents. how is any appointment W makes going to change the dynamic of the current SC?

  24. maybe we should elect CL to be our next president then. b/c he seems to be (at least in his own mind) the most intelligent person ever.

  25. For one I dont think Im the most inteligent person I never said that… Maybe if you took the time to read what I write instead of responding to what you wish I wrote we wouldnt have this problem… Your arguements would make half sense if you put in any facts behind them… I voted for Bush because John Kerrys too damn smart and liberal… for god sakes will someone please define liberal!!! Its just become a curse word, people dont know what it means they just know or THINK its bad.

    "all but two of the current supreme court justices were appointed by republican presidents. how is any appointment W makes going to change the dynamic of the current SC?"

    You want to know how and why that will change things… The Justices that may leave are the moderate ones… the only extremely right judge that may leave is Sacalia I think or Request I cant think of which one it is… The other three that may leave moderates and at first the last liberal one but hopefully he’ll stick in there until 2006 with new congressional elections…. What does this mean? Bush said that the type of judges that he wants to appoint are like Reinquest and Thomas… hmmm they sound awefully moderate…. So if that gives any type of idea who he would appoint you realize that the supreme court will become highly conservative on all issues except the 2nd amendment… The right to bear arms has become the rediculous claim ever… The people who site this never mention the first half of the sentence where they talk about against a well armed militia in order to secure a state THEN you have the right to bear arms… remember this was written when the country was at war and the average gun took minutes to load they werent semi automatic guns that you can shoot 50 people at one time with….

    The people who he’s going to appoint will take the place of all but one moderate judges… so thats how it will change the dynamics. Say bye bye to Roe Wade, A. Action, Hate Crime termanology, a host of other decesions that werent explicitly listed in the constitution but theyll never get rid of death penalty despite the 8th and 14th amendments and the huge costs of it (3Xs more to execute some1 than to jail them for 40 years)

  26. What have I written that wasnt based on a fact? Im sorry if I offended you with some of the things I wrote… I’d like you to point out something I lied about when posting things…. The IQ thing about southern states is insulting but it still doesnt make it untrue…

    Again im sorry if I offended you somehow but I really would like to see where I lied about something as you say I have…

  27. hmmm…actually, doing away with AA and hate crime terminology would be an acceptable trade off for roe v. wade in my book.

  28. yep, rapists can make females have their keeeadds. ya no, just like the English deeeaad with them dare Scotts. Impregnate them with superior essence and force ’em to have the keeeaaads.

    there ain’t no such thing as a hate crime… unless you spit at the flag. now that, that ain’t right!

  29. "hmmm…actually, doing away with AA and hate crime terminology would be an acceptable trade off for roe v. wade in my book. "

    Im not trying to be smart or anything but im just confused about what you said…. When conservative judges get in they’d do away with all three so there is no trading off required….. Maybe you mean something else that I didnt understand

    As far as getting rid of AA and hate crime terminology I think most of that effort is racially motivated…. Notice if you ask anyone about AA they only talk about blacks doing this and blacks getting that for nothing…. but they never mentione the atheletes or legacy….. but noooo its not racially motivated… as long as blacks get into school to entertain people its fine for them to be there, but god forbid they go JUST for an education….. you know whats funny I never remember hearing anyone tell me that high grades and sats were a GARUNTEE to any school…. college is about more than book knowledge its about cultural knowledge as well… may if some of these good ol’ boys and gals up here had learned a thing or two about other people they wouldnt be writing "nigger" on a girls car, drawing swasticas along the lawn, coming to parties in black face, banning blacks from entering in kappa alpha frat parties, maybe the cultures and races would mingle together a little bit more, better yet, at all… its sad really but what can I do im just one person… I just want to get my degree have a lil bit of fun along the way and get out of the south (sorry if that offends anyone) Im trying to be more subtle and understanding… politics made me become like poeple I hate orielly, anne coulter, etc.

  30. what i meant was, i wouldn’t mind something i agree with (roe v. wade) being overturned if it also meant two things i disagree with (AA and hate crime terminology) would also be done away with. personally, i don’t think any of the three will happen, but that’s just me. and for hte record, i don’t oppose AA and hate crime terminology on racial grounds. rather, i just don’t believe it’s right to, in the case of AA, fight one form of discrimination by implementing another, and in the case of hate crimes, punishing offenses differently based on motivation. aside from the fact that hate crime laws seldom get applied fairly across the board, i think a crime’s a crime’s a crime. and if you kill somebody, regardless of whether or not you did it b/c you didn’t like their skin color, you should be punished accordingly. don’t give a guy 5 years for murder, or 10 years if he killed the victim b/c they were black. give the guy 10 years redgardless. "hate crime" is a stupid concept anyway. how often do you commit a violent crime against someone you like?

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