Suspect: Victim Stabbed Himself 18 Times

Former UVa student Andrew Alston, charged in the murder of Walter Sisk, of Free Union, is claiming in his defense that Sisk died because he stabbed himself, 18 times. John Correa, with whom Alston studied aikido in 2002, testified that each of the wounds on Sisk’s body are consistent with the use of standard aikido defense measures against an individual armed with a knife. The Nelson Muntz (“Why are you hitting yourself?”) Defense, if successful, could keep Alston from up to 40 years in prison. Liesel Nowak the story. in today’s Progress. 11/10 Update: The Cav. Daily reports that a jury found Alston guilty of voluntary manslaughter late last night.

6 thoughts on “Suspect: Victim Stabbed Himself 18 Times”

  1. I feel I should say that, hey, it could happen. Maybe Sisk — and I’m totally making this up — was so determined to stab Alston and Alston was such a bad-ass aikido fiend that Sisk kept thrusting and Alston kept parrying until, finally, Alston had…erm…stabbed himself 18 times.

    It looks stupid even to write it. But I’d feel real bad for Alston if he really did just do a bang-up job of defending himself against a determined attacker.

  2. I have to think that there may actually be something to this defense, or the attorney really is a waste of air. I would think that the forensic evidence (that is, the trajectory of the knife) would answer this question pretty quickly.

  3. One of the wounds was to Sisk’s back. Hard to explain with the defense theory.

    Anyway, Alston has now been found guilty, although of a lesser charge than 2nd degree murder. I’m not sure what the sentencing is likely to be for voluntary manslaugter.

  4. It removes some of the idiocy if one says, for instance:

    "Alston defended himself by deflecting Sisk`s attack so effectively Sisk suffered multiple wounds from his own knife."

    instead of:

    "Sisk stabbed himself numerous times."

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