Decal Wars: C’ville vs. VA Beach

Virginia Beach is one of very few municipalities in Virginia that does not require tax decals on the windshields of cars (along with Abingdon and York County), and their commissioner of revenue, Phil Kellam (D), is a getting a little irritated with Our Fair City for the police’s habit of ticketing visiting Virginia Beachers for their lack of a tax decal. Kellam wants the city to find some method of preventing his city’s residents from getting tickets; he did, after all, get elected to office on the strength of eliminating the dreaded stickers. Charlottesville is reluctantly looking into how to comply with Kellam’s request, but with Councilor Rob Schilling saying that he’s “not sure that it’s up to us to solve that problem for them,” it may be time to take this outside. John Yellig has the story in today’s Progress.

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