Twin Oaks Buzzed by Military Copter

Last week, Twin Oaks, in Louisa, played host to a helicopter, which circled the commune a half dozen times over the course of 20 minutes late one afternoon, coming as low as treetop level. Lisa Provence at The Hook put a little elbow grease into the matter, and discovered that the whirlybird is property of the Virginia National Guard, and was dispatched to look for marijuana as a part of “Operation Green Harvest” (which is, oddly, a famous Hawaiian cannabis-eradication program). The episode has left the normally-calm commune shaken and, presumably, with their stashes better-hidden. The Hook’s got the story.

4 thoughts on “Twin Oaks Buzzed by Military Copter”

  1. Well, not to nitpick the Hook, and perhaps "buzz" was the term used by the residents, but a chopper flying a little low is far from a "buzz" in my book.

    Try a combat aircraft at treetop or deck level at mach speed -now that`s a "buzz". Of course "buzz" carries the negative connotation the residents were looking for.


  2. The exact same thing happened at my house about a week earlier. They came in incredibly low, the rotor wash made a big round flat spot in my field. I’d guesstimate it was a lot lower than 100ft. It scared the F-U-C-K out of my farm animals, a few of them actually jumped fences and I had to round them up again. Thats the only part that pissed me off.

    I actually thought it was pretty cool. Its not that often I get to see a helicopter so low, and I’m a total aviation freak. I waved to the cop hanging out of the door, but he didn’t wave back.

    I’ve never seen anything like it before. Flying so low must be a new thing for them.

  3. Well Lars – More years ago than I want to count I participated in some testing in Germany (Hq 2d AD G2 /Baumholder/Graffenwohr) the objective of which was to determine if SKYCAV (sky cavalry)Yep, we called it SKYCAV – – forerunner of all combat choppers tactics and operations- was feasible. The test pilots all said it was suicide – ground fire would kill `em – so naturally we on staff said yes it`s a great thing and there it is today.

    But I digress . Scuse, please.

  4. Thats awesome! I’m suprised to hear that a test pilot would call anything suicide, considering what they do day in and day out.

    It seems so obvious now. A helicopter is a great place to put a weapon, because when you fly at treetop level, nobody can hear you until you’re right on top of them.

    My sheep didn’t know what hit ’em! :)

    I bet the NG pilot was having the time of his life flying like that :) Lucky bastard.

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