Tripe Dumped in Bank

Yesterday morning, employees of the Patriot Bank on 5th Street arrived to find a serious stank emanating from the bank’s safe. The employees were quarantined and first responders entered the bank in moonsuits, only to find that somebody had dumped a grocery bag full of cow’s stomach in the night deposit box. (Eeeewww.) Julie Stavitski has the story in today’s Progress. In other news, there’s apparently some bank called the “Patriot Bank” in Charlottesville. Who knew?

4 thoughts on “Tripe Dumped in Bank”

  1. That’s almost as good as the Progress story that began "30,000 pounds of dead chickens oozed like clumpy, rotten molasses onto Interstate 64…"

  2. "grocery bag full of cow’s stomach"

    If Julie meant a single cow , I wonder how she managed to stomach the rigors of determining it was merely one cow`s stomach? But perhaps she was just describing tripe.

  3. Actually, to be fair, those were my words, used because of this passage in the Progress article:

    “According to Charlottesville police Sgt. David Jones, the decaying matter is more than likely tripe, the lining of a cow’s stomach.

    “‘It wasn’t human matter,’ Jones said.

    The decaying matter was tucked in a plastic grocery bag, James said.”

    In that context, it makes more sense that my usage. And, no, I didn’t check. :)

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