Conservationist Arrested for Protesting Paving

Woolen Mills resident Louis Schultz was arrested last week after lying down in front of a paver in an effort to stop what he argues is an illegal paving. His neighbor on Steephill Street hired a private crew to come in and pave the city-owned road. Schultz has no desire to have the road paved, and was concerned that the paving would lead to pollution of the stream in his yard. More important, it’s in no way clear that an individual can take it upon themselves to substantially alter public property in such a manner. Lisa Provence has the story in The Hook, and don’t miss Jen Fariello’s hi-larious photos of the goings on.

Disclaimer: Louis is a long-time friend. For that matter, I’ve known Jen and Lisa for a long time, too…I don’t know why I bother with these disclaimers. It’s a small town. We all know that now.

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