Council Votes for Nov. Election, Brown Flip-Flops

Council has gone back and forth on the issue of moving elections from May to November, but after the election of three strongly pro-November candidates, a move seemed certain. At last night’s Council meeting, the first of two votes (the second will be held in two weeks) was taken, and the measure passed by a bare majority. One of the two dissenters was, of course, Republican Rob Schilling, but the surprise was newly-appointed and newly-elected Democrat Mayor David Brown, who campaigned on the promise of moving elections. Brown voted last, expressing sympathy for Schilling, who is opposed to having his term (like everybody else’s) cut short by six months by the move. If the majority remains, and if the vote happens in two weeks as scheduled, the next Council election will take place in November of 2005. Elizabeth Nelson has the story in today’s Progress.

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