Albemarle Website Ranked #8 in Nation

Albemarle County’s website has been ranked as one of the best in the nation, WINA reports. The Center for Digital Government and The National Association of Counties named the top ten most technologically-advanced counties for four different population categories, and Albemarle (whose most prominent use of technology is their website) placed #8 for counties with populations of less than 150,000. It was a year ago this week that the county launched their current website, which proved a vast improvement on their old setup, for both the public and county employees. From their A-mail service to their on-line job applications, their forms library to their rational URL schema and site structure (ahem), Albemarle has improved their use of technology considerably in the past couple of years.

3 thoughts on “Albemarle Website Ranked #8 in Nation”

  1. I’ve just now noticed that Charlottesville is now taking on-line payments for utility bills, parking tickets, real estate taxes, and personal property taxes, which is great. What took them so bloody long, I can’t say, but it’s great to see.

    Here in Blacksburg, I’m able to monitor my daily use of water and pay for it on-line, which I love — it’s one less check to write and letter to mail, plus I like seeing the effects of my meager conservation efforts.

  2. Of course, I’m such a whiny bastard that I just see stuff to be fixed. :) But I have to say that whenever I’ve needed some sort of town document (from the whole of the comprehensive plan to a parking lot space renewal form), it’s available, easy to find, created with a hackable URL structure and in code that renders nicely in Safari or Firefox. I figure whoever is maintaining their site is a decent geek, and the town is plainly willing to respect their role in the operation of the town. And, frankly, the latter is more important than any amount of W3C compliance or flavor-of-the-month geekery.

    Incidentally, all of B’burg’s cool stuff is here.

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