Council Sworn In, Brown Selected as Mayor

Yesterday, David Brown and Kendra Hamilton took the oath of office, and became Charlottesville newest two City Councilors. The two, along with Kevin Lynch, swept the May elections, badly defeating the Republicans. Lone Republican councillor Rob Schilling didn’t show up at the swearing in, though incumbent Blake Caravati and outgoing Mayor Maurice Cox were present. At the occasion, Lynch pointed to Brown as being his favorite for mayor, which was followed up by today’s special meeting of Council in which Brown was chosen, 4-0 (Schilling abstaining). Lynch was named Vice Mayor, 4-1 (Schilling opposing.) This marks the first time that a newcomer has been named mayor since Bitsy Waters, 16 years ago. Elizabeth Nelson has the story on the swearing in, while WINA reports on the mayoral vote.

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