Lack of Morning Radio in Charlottesville

BetterLife writes: I was just curious about what others may think about our local morning radio choices. Trust me, I despise Clear Channel radio stations, but I don’t know how much more of 3WV BGB (Big Greasy Breakfast) morning show I can stand. This act is so old. Yeah, I’m sure they are great guys, but hey– you guys are probably around 40 years old now. You aren’t fooling the younger crowd by saying things like “yo, aish” (whatever the hell “aish” means) yessir, etc. Now you’ve got that poor kid “Highway John” trying to sound just like you. One of the Beavis & Butthead twins was on his honeymoon last week and this Highway John kid was filling in for him and ended every sentence with “aish!” Come on Brad Eure, you have been able to maintain local radio without selling out to Clear Channel. Isn’t it time to flush the BGB and try something different. I’m not the only one complaining. Many of my co-workers have switched to other stations because the act, sound effects, and music is just so stale. Sorry Max, Rick & John, time’s up!

I’ll just stick with WVTF…

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  1. go online, download music, and BURN them onto a CD so you don’t have to listen to all the crap.

  2. I’ve yet to hear a morning radio show that managed to be funny without being obnoxious at the same time. Back when Mix 107.5 was still around, "Kidd Kraddick" irratated me like no other. I find that when I’m half asleep, something simple is best. WNRN’s Acoustic Sunrise and WTJU’s morning classical programs work well for this purpose as they mainly just play music, with an announcer occasionally coming on to do weather/news/underwriting/whatever. NPR is nice as well, although I usually am not alert enough at 8 AM to properly digest news.

  3. yeah, it costs $10 a month, but i’ve had it for 2 years, and i’ll never give it up. it’s sooo worth it to not have to listen to the mindless crap that floods our airwaves in c’ville. there’s no commercials on the music stations, and when i’m in the mood for news, i can switch over to CNN, Fox News, BBC, MSNBC or any number of other news/sports/entertainment channels. sure, i lose such great features of local radio as traffic updates, and believe me, i do like to stay informed as to where "biker cop" is hiding today :rolleyes: but the benefits outweigh the drawbacks ten-fold. so do yourself a favor, run down to best buy or circuit city and get yourself XM.

  4. WARNING: Commercial plug follows!

    run down to best buy or circuit city and get yourself XM.

    …or, if you think that supporting local commercial enterprise is a good thing, and you’d like to see revenue stay in town rather than be sent to Wall Street, you can find XM (or SIRIUS) at Crutchfield for the same or lower prices than you’ll find them at BB or Circuit City.

  5. I have never found Crutchfield to be competitive in pricing. Always higher. Their outlet stuff is even higher than new at CC or BB. I have heard that Crutchfield’s customer service kicks ass though.

    Enough of that, I would like to try out this XM thing though.

  6. I have never found Crutchfield to be competitive in pricing. Always higher. Their outlet stuff is even higher than new at CC or BB. I have heard that Crutchfield’s customer service kicks ass though.

    They are almost always more expensive, but I generally manage to justify it. :) Firstly, of course, far more of that money stays in the local economy, but secondly (and more immediately justifiable), their customer service, return policies and the like are just fantastic. Their sales staff has always been straight-up with me, they’ll let me fiddle and browse without bugging me, and they’re wicked knowledgeable. I’ve regretted purchases from Best Buy and Circuit City, but never Crutchfield.

  7. generally, XM equipment (at least the delphi stuff) costs the same everywhere…CC, BB, Crutchfield, Wal-Mart, etc.

    as for supporting the local economy, that’s all fine and good. shop at crutchfield if you like. if my last name were kluge or grisham, i’d have no problem paying way too much for stuff i could get cheaper at a big box. but years of getting gouged by the city of charlottesville’s treasurer’s office has made me into a more frugal person. maybe if i didn’t have to pay $5 to throw a way a bag of trash, i could afford to support the mom and pops. but as long as jennifer l. brown has her hands elbow-deep in my pockets, i couldn’t be bothered to support the "local" economy.

  8. I’ll put in a plug for WVTF’s (relatively) new RadioIQ service, broadcast on 89.7 FM in C’ville. It’s a mix of BBC, NPR, and other news, talk, and public affairs programming broadcast all day long, no interruptions for hours of soporific classical warhorses. Unfortunately the signal strength is puny (200 watts), but they’re hoping to increase it.

    I was wondering about the relative signal strengths and broadcast locations of the local stations yesterday and discovered you can learn everything you want to know by running searches on the FCC website.

  9. Is that crap still on the radio?? I left Cville in 2002 and had to listen to the BGB every morning on my way to work. Times up!!!

  10. #5. "From around the globe!"

    #4 "Road Hog & Weather forecast sound fx"

    #3 "Yessir"

    #2 "YO!"

    And the number #1 thing about the BGB that sucks:

    #1 "aish!"

    P.S. Uhhhhhhhh Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  11. That’s my experience. The last two times I got consumer electronics, I looked at Cruchfield, Circuit City, and Best Buy. CC and BB always had an item that was lower priced than Cruchfield, but a quick search on the web showed lots of people complaining about them. A search for Cruchfield’s brands on the web generally showed raves.

  12. I can’t stand shock jock type shows. I just listen to Morning Edition, or BBC World News.

    Those two shows always rock.

  13. Or Stereotypes, across the road from Crutchfield. It’s a small, specialty store, but unlike some of the people who work at Crutchfield, these people really know their stuff, and they’re not just looking to upsell you (i’ve seen them suggest significantly cheaper components because the more expensive stuff didn’t make sense for the consumer’s need).


  14. I listened to this radio show for the first time today. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!! How long has this been going on? Years? I’m not a fan of classic rock since that’s basically what it is — classic, over and over and over….. What I can’t figure out is if this show has been on so long, what keeps it alive? I was annoyed within the first 5 minutes. And betterlife is right, they say yo, yessir and aish after almost every statement. How annoying. If I were an advertiser, (which I may be very soon) I would not run my ads on this station. I too, hate Clear Channel, but man at least their morning shows don’t suck this bad. It makes me long for the return of Kid Kraddock! And what is it with that weather forecast sound effect? I couldn’t figure out what that was supposed to be.

    I listened for my whole 25 minute commute and hit the nail on the head. This show sucks! Back to NPR I go…..

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