Greene Approves Housing Developments

Last night, the Greene County Board of Supervisors approved a 75-acre residential and commercial development in Ruckersville, which stands to change the town considerably. “Ruckersville Village” is slated to include 121 houses and 24 acres of commercial space, all fronted on Route 33, just off Route 29. The developer, oddly, promised that there would be no car washes or car dealerships on the land. Ruckersville Village is just one of three developments up for approval at the meeting, along with “MountainVu” (I swear I’m not making that up), with 650 homes, “WoodPark,” with 400 homes, and “Preddy Gables, a 350-apartment complex; the vote hadn’t happened by press time, but all were presumably approved. Olympia Meola has the story in today’s Progress.

2 Responses to “Greene Approves Housing Developments”

  • IamDaMan3 says:

    uh OHHHH

    so does this mean people in Albemarle and/or Charlottesville are upset?

  • IamDaMan3 says:

    forgot to add:

    It is HIGHLY LIKELY these people living up there will be working in Charlottesville unless Greene County can provide jobs that can allow people to afford 400 grand homes.


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