Small Movement to Write In Richards

A small movement has developed to write-in incumbent Meredith Richards for next week’s City Council election, WINA reports. Signs have appeared in town to this effect, as well. Richards, who failed to secure the Democratic nomination, has made clear that she has no desire to run as an independent or have people write in her name. In the previous election, small contingents supported writing in Republican Jon Bright and yours truly, but what with neither of us running, we got just 56 votes between the two of us, not enough to affect the outcome of the close election. Whether Richards can get enough votes to affect the outcome of the election remains to be seen.

13 thoughts on “Small Movement to Write In Richards”

  1. Even though Waldo carries a copy of the Bill of Rights in his pocket, his Democratic eyes will not see the injustice unless its name is Republican. Your story is biased, intended to diminish the masses you profess to love. The media (you too Waldo) has been trying to minimize voter participation by painting the campaign as boring and uninteresting while the Registrar reports highest activity in years.

    Write-in Meredith Richards campaign is real: Ex-mayors endorse party line-up photo of yard sign and the 8 mayors and their letter of endorsement.

    Former urban renewal / water board chairman endorses Democrats for Council

    Don’t tell us a bunch of lies and then play dumb when we say we don’t trust you or want your product.

  2. Sure, I’m part of a huge conspiracy here in Blacksburg, working to keep down voter turnout. That’s why I talk to a lot of VT students, trying to get them to register to vote, vote in local elections, educate them on state issues, get them fired up, etc. See, through my super reverse psychology, I know that if I make it desirable to vote it will be undesirable and then they…um…won’t. Somehow. I did the same thing last year for Delegate Mitch Van Yahres, Allen Hale, and Al Weed. See, they thought that I was working to improve turnout (which inherently benefits Democrats), but instead I was using my super reverse psychology powers. And this is all controlled through the weekly meetings that I have with Media General, Charlottesville Broadcasting, Portico Publications and Better Publications LLC.

    And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids! *shakes fist*

    Reality check — I’m not in Charlottesville. I have a WINA story that tells me that one woman wants Meredith elected, one person has posted saying that there’s a sign up which, for all I know, the same woman, and I’ve talked to one family member who said that he’s seen a couple of signs. I gotta tell you — in my world, 2-5 people is what you’d call small.

    You know what would be cool? Like, a news system that would permit people to correct things that are wrong. So if a story was written about a small movement, and you thought it was big, you could just, you know, correct it.

    No, no… What am I thinking? That’s crazy talk! That won’t further the Goal of World Media Domination! If something like that popped up, we’d have to shut it down!

    Sweet Christ…

  3. HealCville writes: photo of yard sign

    Is it just me, or does that photo look freakishly unreal? Photoshop?

  4. Yes… new and improved lawn signs that float in mid-air. Campaigning technology is amazing, isn’t it? Maybe if we hadn’t used old-fashioned lawn signs in New Hampshire, Howard Dean would be the Democratic nominee right now.

    Does anyone recognize that building? Can someone who is not in Blacksburg… or Providence… and with too much time on their hands, verify that the Richards sign actually exists?

  5. There are dozens of Meredith Richards signs all over Charlottesville. Democratic campaign manager John Conover has been at the voter registrar’s office to complain because (a) the signs carry no authorization tag line ("authorized and paid for by Fname Lname") and (b) some of the signs are illegally placed on public rights-of-way. He even called in the police and demanded that they remove those signs — something the police have no authority to do.

  6. don’t forget to vote on Tuesday May 4 2004. if you’re disgusted with all the candidates, write-in someone else or some issue where you want resources to go. what basic problem are we overlooking?

    Last November there were 3 writeins for PROLIFE. I wonder how many this election. I will publish the write-in results and try to figure out what the people are trying to tell us. for unfiltered local news from the grassroots.

  7. Despite your unfounded accusations, take a stroll down Monticello Road at Rives Street. Why would I like or doctor a photo?

    What is your evidence that I am perpetrating a hoax? Or must I prove my innocence?

  8. The Daily Progress on Sunday is going to break a story that independent candidate Vance High was approached by Democratic candidate David Brown, who promised him a future position under a Democrat-majority City Council, in return for dropping out of the race and endorsing the Democratic ticket. This may fall afoul of the bribery statutes (or vote-buying statutes) in the Virginia Code.

    Stay tuned … it looks like Charlottesville’s normally quiet City Council election is taking on the costume of a Louisiana governor’s race.

  9. You are an uptight little person, aren’t you? The first part of post was quite obviously in jest, and the second part was just a question as to something that was stated and that I couldn’t verify because I happen to be in Rhode Island.

    I didn’t actually say that I doubted these signs exist… just was making a comment on the photograph, which, does look very artificial, even though I can, I think, make out one of the supports. I do not think it is doctored because, frankly, anyone who would take the time to doctor that photo belongs in a mental institution.

    Blair Hawkins doesn’t belong in an institution, does he?

  10. You are an uptight little person, aren’t you?

    I didn’t actually say that I doubted these signs exist…

    I’m not actually saying you’re a dufus poseur, I’m just making a comment you have something up your little derriere. DickeyKakaAchurrrrm isn’t in RI because he’s being deported is he? Or does he like small-frie states to fit his own small little frame?

  11. No, just trying to get an education here at Providence College because UVA didn’t see fit to admit me (or Waldo, for that matter), even though I applied three times and completed all of the tasks they set out for me which would "almost guarantee" me admission. That almost is a *****, isn’t it?

    Oh well…

    PC is just as good as they are, and I will be immensely benifited by the education I received at PC and PVCC. Thanks guys.

    And Sympatico, I’m a Virginian through-and-through, but Rhode Island kicks ass, even though it is the smallest state. RI’ers are fiercely proud of their state… and they have every right to be. I couldn’t have chosen a better state to make a two year hiatus.

  12. You know, all I did was make a joke, and a very bad joke at that, but apparently several people can’t take even the lamest joke. Oh well. I’m going to start ignoring this now. Feel free to wallow in your own misery.

  13. You know, all I did was make a joke

    You need to study harder: Comedy is a very powerful tool. In this case, this guy, HealCville, has a message he feels is important. But rather than discussing the issue he brings up, you see fit to joke around and try to ridicule him. Even if he does finally manage to shake off the supposed bad joke, this issue is lost, never discussed. But you’re smart enough to know this already, right? To wit: we’re not talking about Richards’ write-in, are we?

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